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  • How long has Shekter Dychtenberg LLP been involved in personal injury law?

    Richard Shekter and Alden Dychtenberg have a combined 50 years’ experience practicing law. Over the past decade Richard and Alden have focused more and more of their time in this important area of the law, which can include everything from a slip and fall to serious brain injury to wrongful death. They have won precedent setting awards and settlements for their clients.

  • When you receive a call from a prospective client, what is your first step?

    The first thing we do is to arrange a meeting with the person, or in some cases, family members. Often that first meeting is in their home or at the hospital. We ask a number of key questions and then we do a lot of listening. It's important that we understand their side of events and their feelings. Once we take a case on, we make sure that our client's immediate needs are met. Individuals/families coping with personal injury, especially those with a serious brain injury or physical impairment are often under considerable stress. We attempt to lighten their load by informing them of their rights, what they can expect and what's next. We also stress that there is no upfront cost; in other words, we don't get paid unless they do. That is an important piece of information as many families in this situation are financially stressed as well.

  • Do most cases eventually go to court? And is it a long process?

    We have taken many cases to court and in the process have won precedent setting awards for our clients. We also believe in working toward an out of court settlement if it’s in the best interest of our client. The process can be long, so we make sure our clients are prepared and committed.

  • What is considered a personal injury?

    It can be any of the following: a workplace accident; a head injury from a car accident; a back trauma from a slip and fall; or medical mishap from medication. If you or a family member is injured because of the action or inaction of another, you may have a case. That's what we discuss in our initial meeting.

  • How is brain injury different from other personal injury cases and is your approach any different?

    In most ways we wouldn't do anything differently, but there can be key differences. In some cases the person injured cannot speak for himself/herself, so we're dealing with family members every step of the way. The other difference is that severe brain injury can be one of the most devastating injuries. It can have lifelong implications for all concerned. All personal injury is a serious matter, but brain injury is often in a different category.

  • What do you hope to achieve with the personal injury cases you take on? What is your ultimate objective?

    Our ultimate objective with any case we take on is to achieve justice for our client. We work exceptionally hard on every case, because our experience has taught us that each situation/case is unique and requires 100% commitment and effort. We work to win. Over the course of a case, we become close to our client and their families and want the very best for them. It's much more than business to each member of our firm.

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Now that my case has been successfully settled, I want to thank you for taking it on and especially for Rachel Levitsky’s work on it (though I realize that various members of the staff also contributed).

I could not have wished for a lawyer more expert, efficient, and supportive than Rachel has been.


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